Call to Action – Now, It’s Up to You

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One great thing about the Granite State is that it empowers average citizens in town meetings to take a stand on major issues. Right here at home, you can fight the corruption of our political system by billionaire donors and the unlimited campaign donations of multi-national corporations.

Right now, you can help $topMoneyPolitic$. Sixteen states have voted for a constitutional amendment to roll back the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and stop unlimited campaign donations. Five of six New England states have acted. Only New Hampshire is missing.

Campaign reform is now on the ballot in more than 50 New Hampshire towns in the next couple of months. Your neighbors have called for a town vote to instruct NH legislators in Congress and state government to back the constitutional amendment. Click here to learn if petitions have been submitted in your town. Click here to find out where petitions are still circulating and you can help.

Go to your town meeting and vote. Prepare to talk in favor of action to $topMoneyPolitic$. Understand the process. For example, it is not legal to amend the petition resolutions once they are on the town meeting agenda. Click here to find good talking points.

Please open the attachment to find a model petition on campaign reform to help $topMoneyPolitic$ and to restore fairness, openness and genuine competition to our political elections.

Model Petition for Your Town Meeting

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The Inside Story: How We Got into This Mess

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9780812982053_p0_v2_s260x420Pulitzer Prize Winner Hedrick Smith’s best-selling book “Who Stole the American Dream? is an extraordinary achievement, an eye-opening, inside account of how, over four decades, the American Dream has been dismantled and how we became two Americas. Smith exposes the power shift in Washington and how American capitalism changed under the last six presidents. He pairs penetrating profiles of the power elite with compelling stories of the economic squeeze on average Americans. Reviewers praise this “brilliant” book for offering lively reading and excellent teaching material for U.S. history, political science, economics, public policy, business and journalism courses. more »

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If you would like to get involved, please visit the “Join the Dream Team” page to contact us.

You may see a summary of the Poll Results here.

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